Well vis has been terrible and there has been a general lack of things worth taking photos of so I haven’t posted anything in awhile. I went out one day with Lou and Cat and the vis was good for around an hour. The only place I saw any fish was on the bar in 50+ feet of water. There might have been fish other places but the water was so dirty we couldn’t see them. We tried in the shallows but there wasn’t really anything going on.

Then one day Mike, Lou and I went out front and it pretty much sucked. We drove all over trying to find vis, but the wrecks out front were devoid of fish . We found some clear water and shot some little hogs and muttons but overall the day was a bust. Actually Lou got a kingfish but that was it.

We also did a half day: Cat, Lou and Juan and I.  We went really shallow and fished inshore patch reefs. It was actually pretty fun but the fish were tiny. Cat would have probably gotten some really good photos but for once she decided to shoot fish which was pretty cool. She used a little 80cm rail gun and just started murdering porgies left and right. I think porgies are my favorite fish to shoot inshore, they definitely are more challenging than any other little fish.  Hopefully this next week will bring some calm seas and clearer water.