Went out this past Sunday with Cal, Pat and Brad to go spearfishing west of Key West.  The weather report was calling for 15-20 knots winds and since it had been blowing over 20 for almost a week straight I knew it probably wouldn’t be the type of trip everyone would have fun on. Catherine wisely opted for land based activities.  The weather report was sort of right , we actually had winds up to 27 knots but the sun was shining and there was blue gulf stream water on the edge of the reef so we stuck it out.

We shot a variety of reef fish but again where skunked on the black groupers.  I only saw about 4 legal sized ones, and at least a dozen shorts.  I shot one and it and promptly tore off.   I just retied my bands and I think the gun is shooting a little high.

I also had a huge king mackerel tear off, by far the largest I have ever gotten a shot on.  I would say he was over 30# maybe pushing #40.  Everything looks bigger underwater though. Pat got a shot on a huge cobia but it didn’t happen.  Although it wasn’t the best trip out, if we had gotten either of those fish it would have been pretty good.

We saw a huge hammerhead,  he just did a swim by and that was it. I marked some really nice bottom in 50-60 feet and also found some more huge boulders in 35 feet.  Have to put in some time drifting to mark some big rocks in 50+ feet of water.