Albie (kill-em-all) from NJ came back down for a couple days of spearing , while his friend pat (oyster toad fish) was hunting hogs on the mainland.

Conditions both days kind of sucked, winds where around 10-15 from the southwest, visibility was 20 foot tops and at some points flirting with 10-15

Wednesday as we headed out most of my electronics went out , whatever issue I thought I had resolved reared its ugly head again . I had NO GPS, no radio, no trim tabs etc

We thought about heading in ….. yeah right . We just decided to stay reasonably close to key west

If you use a Chartplotter/GPS, you would be surprised on how dependent you become on them, and with 15-20 of visibility even spots that you have hit numerous times become hard to find. At one point we had to resort to dragging albie behind the boat to try to find some rocks that I knew where nearby

Anyways the first day we shot, triggerfish, mackerel, hogfish, yellow jack nothing that glamorous also caught a slipper lobster

Second day Albie shot a decent cubera and some ciro mackerel, I shot a hog and yellow jack not a lot of fish but a pretty fun day anyways

I blew a lot of shots with the new venom gun, its funny after shooting the biller guns for a month and half , its like I am learning to shoot the aimrite all over again,