Went out the past couple days spearfishing and lobstering. Both days where half days and conditions weren’t that great. Supposedly there were awesome conditions in terms of visibility out west but I just went out in front of Key West. The wind forecast of 10-15 was more like 17-18, and it was rough on reef and really rough past the edge of the

On the reef the water green with less then 20 feet of visibility past the edge of the reef there was beautiful blue water but screaming current and huge waves. I promised Catherine I wouldn’t make her go in the big waves for awhile. So we stuck it out on the green reef. shot a few fish and caught some lobsters. Nothing big or photogenic. Catherine took a ton of pictures of various reef life and she had blast. We came in shallow in a bit a grabbed a couple lobsters.

The next day Cal , Catherine and I went out lobstering for a half day in the morning. Again the wind was much higher then the forecast. The waters inshore where pretty good with 15 feet of so a vis in the shallows and we managed to catch 14 lobsters. Its was a blast for being so close to home. Again Catherine filled up the memory card with photos of the various sea life.