Promised my friend that I would take him and his girlfriend snorkeling, she had gone with us before and recently had taken a snorkeling trip with a head boat which she said sucked. She said ” we saw like some grass and one fish”.

So when the time came to leave I got the call from my friend, “uhmm too hung-over had to work and then drink all night, don’t think I can go” Weather buoy was reporting 6 knot winds, I wasn’t really wanting to wait for anyone. Then I got the call back “I’m coming” apparently my friend’s girlfriend was not into missing the trip.

We headed out to the front of key west and it was seeing a hazy 20 foot vis tops, so we headed west. As the tide came in and we got further west it got to be around 35 feet vis. But the first spot we dropped in there was about 2-2.5 knot current to the east. We tried to anchor but it was just a waste of energy so we pulled anchor and drifted , me and girlfriend orbiting the boat, my friends girl friend riding a line attached to the back of the boat and my friend laid out in front of the boat whining about his hangover, sore vagina etc

I did most of the shooting , I lost a shaft I don’t know if it came unattached or the crimp popped. But there is a large jack swimming around with a rob Allen shaft hanging out of its tail end out there. Total tally was grouper, 2 jacks, mangrove, mackerel and a hog.

Most notable part of the day, was when I dropped down on this ledge and saw a large grouper, heading slowly away following the ledge . I started to give chase because I saw a decent dog or mangrove snapper right underneath me. So I was torn for a minute, shoot the snapper or follow the spooked grouper. So I followed the grouper, went down to look under the ledge and there under the ledge is a cubera snapper, so I line up on him but right before I pull the trigger a smaller black darts out of a hole next to him and in that second the cubera goes deep under the ledge. So as I watch the black disappear in the distance, I am like OMG I f-ing just blew shots on 4 good fish in like less then 60 seconds. But then out of the corner of my eye, I saw this little guy peaking out at me down the ledge, I took the shot and he went out like a light, barely twitched.

We all had a great time, or at least most of us

Most of the fish had other fish in their bellies, one of the jacks had a 10 inch long scorpian fish in its stomach, the mackerel had a flying fish, and the grouper had a yellow tail.