Headed out yesterday with my girlfriend and Dustin. Got my electronics problem solved I had all the electronics on my console going out occasionally but I found the problem. A drain tube on one my cup holders had come loose either it just rattled loose or more likely I knocked it loose when changing the batteries. Anyways with this drain tube disconnected every time I washed down the boat I was giving my battery switch and some other connectors a little shower. This knocked out the electronics , but in 24 hours or so it would dry out and they would come back. It always the little things.

It was nice day so we headed a bit west and where greeted with 20 foot vis at the highest point of high tide and 2 knot + current headed east. The gulf stream is in close 11 miles and the winds where around 10 knots from the northwest. Apparently the high tide did pull in some cleaner water but also the current. As the tide went out the current chilled out but the vis dropped to like 10-12 feet. It pretty much sucked. I ended up just giving up on spearing and heading into the shallows to catch some lobster. I caught 4 keepes but it took awhile.

Did I mention it felt freezing, lol that’s right to me, after living here for a bit, freezing is like low 70s