Catherine, Brad, Brian and I went out west to go spearfishing on Monday.  Brad just got a a new boat:  30 foot Whitewater with two 200 horse power engines on it. The speed on the boat is amazing, I feel like my boat is putting around at 25 knots now.  It’s so nice to just cruise at 35 knots when you want to get out there, makes a world of difference.

We drove way west and similar to the trip I took west a couple weeks ago we really didn’t get a lot of fish. After a while of not seeing any grouper in the open I started checking every ledge and hole, and there wasn’t anyone home in any of them. The rocks we were diving had great relief, overhangs, swim throughs, massive bait fish populations but no big fish. We shot a little of everything: black grouper, mutton, mangroves, mackerel, triggerfish but nothing big…except a monster yellow tail Brad shot, which was like 25 or 26 inches long.

Been awhile since I had a really good day on the water, not sure what is up. Normally I just see good and fish and miss them, but lately haven’t been seeing a lot of fish. Seeing a ton of 20 inch black grouper but barely any legals. Only saw one legal that got away this last time I was out, the other legal I saw I bagged.  Not sure if I have to go deeper or shallower, or go gulf side or what.

Vis was variable.  In the morning on the high tide it was a hazy 40 feet but by the end of the day it was less then 20 on the reef out west. On the way in there was maybe 25 or feet of vis on the reef.