Well lobster season opened this weekend and Cat and I went out. I usually just go out to the reef and spearfish and then catch lobsters as I see them or at the end of the day. I don’t really care about mini-season plus it was windy so I stayed home. Anyways opening of lobster season was beautiful so we went out.

The vis on the reef has been terrible so we decided to just stay inshore and get lobsters. Last time I lobstered inshore for mini-season we were exposed to all kinds of rudeness, including some guy with tanks in 10 feet of water jumping into a coral head we were working and also when one of my friends popped a lobster out of hole some stranger rushing in and giving chase.  Ever since that experience I have just gone out to the reef.

Anyways I headed out to the nearest shallow stuff out of Key West and of course it was covered with boats. Once I got closer I noticed that pretty much all the boats were on the coral that is in less then 10 feet of water. All I had to do is head out to 15 feet of water and I pretty much had everything to myself. Pretty great really, caught our limit of lobsters in a short time using minimal gas.

As much as I enjoy catching and eating lobster, I am at a loss why people try to catch a year’s worth of lobsters in two days. They load the boat with everyone they can find and then some drop off their lobsters so they can go out and catch another limit. I live on a canal I watch people do this. I guess I can kind of see why people who are here on vacation do stuff like this, because they can only dive on vacation. I just don’t understand why people who live here go so hogwild on a couple days and then don’t dive the rest of the season. You can catch lobsters all season long, I mean obviously it’s not as easy but still. Is it really just about getting tails, I mean don’t people enjoy hunting and catching them at all. Cat & I just had a laugh at the amazing amount of gear involved in pulling lobster out of ten feet of water.  Boats anchored up and out jumped divers towing 100 ft of bright yellow hookah tube.

I remember when I first came here and was exposed to mini-season and all the visitors talking about “limited out, limited out , got my limit, “ blah blah, all proud like it’s a big accomplishment. It’s kind of funny now.