It’s been a long time since I updated this site again. I tell myself to get on it but it just doesn’t happen. I shot a nice king the other day and took a photo so I figured I would make a report.

Commercial diving doesn’t really lend itself to fishing reports.

For one when you are really trying to fill the box it’s hard to stop and take photos. Also in my opinion pictures of dead fish out of the water aren’t that great, unless they are noteworthy big. Underwater photos are cool regardless what the fish is but since most fishing trips I go on now are kind of too extreme for Cat to come on, I haven’t got much in the way of underwater photos.  I also kind of think taking photos of fish shot on scuba is a little gay but apparently I am alone in that.

I really enjoy taking photos and writing reports so I will try to do it, although everything on the internet seems to be revolving around facebook, which I guess is progress.  A constant stream of young divers posing with their fish. The best is when I see people take like 10 photos of the same fish and then kind of drip them out over a course of months.  Constant arms race in bragging rights, look at me please!

The other day Lee and I went out.  It was an OK day.  When we first got out there it looked like one of those days where you wonder “why the hell am I out here.”  It was overcast, rainy, the water was green and it was stacked with jellyfish. We got out there and I was thinking “this is going to suck”.

I did a little freediving on the reef and didn’t see anything.  It was looking pretty bad. Freediving has pretty much sucked since the end of July, at least for me.

So I dropped Lee on a tank and waited, he came up 3 blacks and some odds and ends. The day started looking better.


There wasn’t anything else around to tank so I jumped in and did a drift watching the walls of jellyfish.

There wasn’t anything going on- just tangs, and half pound yellowtails. Then I saw the triangle pec fins in the gloom, a nice king. I dove on it and it turned to look at me, I got a head shot but didn’t stone it. It played out some line for a bit but I kept gaining on it.  Lee threw me a second gun and I handed him the line, and I put another shot in its head and it was over.

Then I head butted a moon jellyfish and got stung all over my face, neck, back and even my legs. There was so much stinging crap in the water it was like it was embedded in my rash guards. I flipped out and got in the boat and stripped off the rash guards and tried to rinse it all off but I was still screwed.

Then I did a tank and didn’t see anything (of course).

Then I dropped lee on a tank and he came up with another black and yelling that there were blacks everywhere. So I grabbed a tank and went down, saw the dust cloud from his black.  There was another 20# black watching the cloud so I shot him in the head, but then didn’t see anything else.

Then Lee did a drop and it was a dud.  Then we headed in.

Oh yeah, gear gripe of the day, my wrist band on my Aeris watch has almost broke and they want $50 to replace it!  It’s a piece of rubber!