Well yesterday was my last day in Mexico and my luck finally changed. We left in the morning with Eddie and Gonzo in hopes of the seas settleing down. We had gone out the day before and had to turn back so I was pessimistic.

We were trying to get out to this offshore pinnicle where Dan and Garett had scored wahoo and two sailfish a couple days earlier.

Once we got out to the open water the winds were pretty light and we made good time out to the spot. We spent about an hour catching bonitos and blue runners for bait. Fish were breaking all over: bonito, small schoolie dolphin and the occasional big fish.

Once we caught the chum we set up the drift and jumped in. I was in first and a wahoo swam up to me as I was loading my gun. By the time it was loaded the fish was far away but in the distance there was a school of five swimming by. They weren’t interested and kept swimmming.

Then Garett joined me by the flashers. A 60# wahoo came in and attacked the flasher, Garett went down and nailed him. Its friend swam in and I took a long shot and missed. This is when I realized that I had not fastened my float line to the break-away. I had fastened it to the gun and just sent my last shaft sailing into the abyss. At this point I was ready to just give up, but Gonzo had a spare shaft and so we rigged it and kept hunting.

The next drift I jumped in and was handed my loadeed gun and shot my first wahoo of the day in about 30 seconds. Once that was in the boat we did another drift. This time it was slow for a minute, but then I saw a huge wahoo swimming up behind us. I turned and dove towards him but he spooked and headed right into Dan. Dan nailed himand it pulled his hippo float under. Dan landed him and and it turned out to be the biggest wahoo I had ever seen. Well over 80#.

Then we had a couple dead drifts, just spent watching the bonitos eat the chum. Then from out of nowhere another wahoo swam up to me and just presented itself. I hit it and off went my float. While I was chasing my float I heard yelling and saw Garett’s float sailing away.

When I pulled my fish up two more were swimming with it, but no one was around to shoot them. We got all the divers togather and went up to drift again. On the way we saw two marlin on the surface so I jumped in and tried but no luck.

Then we had some dead time, watching speedos and bonitos eat the chum and nothing else happening. Then another 80 pounder swam up but Garett and Dan could not get a shot. Then another swam up on me, I took a long shot and missed.

Garett missed another of that group and we went back up to drift it again. We had some more dead time and saw some hammer head sharks. Then another school came in but I spooked them.  Then another school came in so I threw a bonito at them and one peeled off and charged it. I hit him and after a long fight got him in the boat and we called it a day.