Key West Spearfishing Charters – Lobstering Charters

If you are coming to Key West and want to get in the water and shoot your dinner give me call and I can set it up for you. Or use the form to the right ->

I have a Captain’s license and access to several charter boats and can put together a trip for pretty much any group or individual.


Key West is probably one of the best places in the country to try spearfishing, especially if you are just starting out. We have mild weather and a decent fishery, where the fish are pretty plentiful and you do not have to dive deep to in order to get your first fish or lobster.


We are very knowledgeable in the local fishery. We knows where to go, even if the wind is blowing and we can teach you.  We also has all the gear you need to get in the water and start fishing.

We have large areas of shallow water surrounding Key West and the mangrove islands around it, which are teeming with hogfish, grey snapper, porgies and lobster.  Some of the most productive spots in these areas are around 10 feet deep which is perfect for someone just starting out.

Trophy Spearfishing

If you are someone who has already been spearfishing for a while and you want to come to Key West to target bigger fish, I can work something out for you as well.

You can either go with Captain Chad who is a multiple world record holder, on his Kevlar Cat. Or you can go with me and/or Captain Ryan on his 28 foot whitewater.


Winter Wahoo Trip

All of us have years of experience diving the Marquesas and the water surrounding Key West. We are out fishing all of the time and usually know where the water is clear and what you best bet is in terms of fish to target.

You want to run far and try to get a trophy grouper? You want to drift the blue water and target wahoo and big king mackerel? I can help you with any type of trip. I am on the water diving all the time and I have the knowledge on the current conditions to make your Key West Spearfishing trip a success.

Marathon Spearfishing Charters