Havn’t updated this site in forever. Have been diving a lot but not really taking photos. I think I may try out the head mounted video camera again.

Anyways my friend Chad is now doing spearfishing charters in Key West on his boat. In the past I have had a bunch of people contact me for charters but although I am a Captain I am not setup to do charters so they went no where.

Anyways you can contact him through his facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Killshotspearfishing . Its free dive spearfishing only sorry.

There are a bunch of boats that will do a spearfishing charter in Key West but after browsing their sites, most of them look like a joke to me. I guess if you are beginner it doesn’t matter any of them will probably put you on some fish. I think if you are looking to actually run far and try for trophy fish, Chad is a much better alternative.