Lobster Mini-Season day 2 – Was supposed to go out with Al and Dustin in the morning but they switched up and wanted to go out in the afternoon. Al Canceled his last parasailing trip which is a major thing for him. Al hasn’t taken a day off in like a year or something like that, crazy if you ask me.

Anyways we headed out at about 4:30 pm, we brought our guns in case there wasn’t lobsters. I figured the close areas I know on the reef might be cleaned out, I mean I hit them on Wednesday and there was 4-5 other boats out there in a close vicinity. When we got out there where a few other boats there and the police out there.

Conditions were awesome, 5-8 knot wind, vis was hazy at first but rapidly clearing as the tide came in.

Dustin forgot his mask , like a dumb ass, so we had to go bum a mask off of on the snorkel boats. Luckily the police decided to skip searching us last thing we wanted to do is waste the little day light that was left talking to those guys.

We ended up pulling 16 lobsters before it got dark, the current was kind of cranking so it was a great work out. Pretty much the areas in 8 feet or less where stripped, but the spots in the 15 feet or more, there where plenty left. I popped them out of the rocks and Dustin and Al would net them. Catherine speared a hog fish, and mostly spotted lobsters for us.

For awhile as the tide was coming in, the water getting crystal clear, and frankly I wanted to forget about the lobsters and spear some fish, but everyone else wanted the lobsters.