I got an email from this guy from greece named Kostas, telling me about a spearfisher woman who took 4th in the Greek national spearfishing championship, and asking if I would be interested in posting this news on my site.  He sent some photos as well of Katerina holding some decent stingers of fish. One picture looks like several bonito, which are really hard to shoot in my opinion. In my experience there are very few women who enjoy diving in the ocean so I guess from now on if anyone sends me photos of lady divers I will post them on here.  Since Catherine is almost always behind the camera , and there are no other women who go out diving with us, there are almost no photos of women on this site.
“Katerina Topouzoglou is a real estate agent in Mykonos island -Greece-, a greek champion in kick boxing, but also loves to spend her time underwater, doing spearfishing. Her favorite catch is the grouper and she likes being in the water for many hours, no matter the cold or the depth. This year, Katerina decided to participate in the 46th Greek National Spearfishing Championship that took place in Methana, not far away from Athens, the capital of Greece. She was the only girl in history to do that and some of the athletes didn’t approve of her participation. Nevertheless, Katerina finally took place in the Championship with all the guys and she managed to take the 4th place with her awesome catch. She caught mullets, pines, baby tunas and sea basses. Now Katerina is packing her bags for Miami, she’ll be there for her new TV show that will be presented on a Greek channel, and she’ll show to the audience that even a girl can be a good spearo.”