Finally had a break in the weather and got out yesterday. Catherine was able to join us for the first time in awhile which was nice. We headed out a bit late because JP had to work in the morning. Also joining us was Stoner, and Julian.

The first couple spots we hit on the reef line were dead, nothing really going on. We tried out a little deader and it was dead too. Except for a grouper here and there, there wasn’t much going on. After that we dove a wreck in 80 feet. Stoner blew his shot on a Cubera. I shot a big hog on the deck but he was so close to the metal the shaft didn’t go all the way through and I left him on the deck. He wasn’t there when I dove again, He either went into the wreck or was sucked in by one of the three huge jewfish that were shadowing us.

After that we went deep and looked for wahoo, we didn’t see any. We did shot some small amber jacks for the smoker, a couple cudas and I shot a nice yellow tail.  After a short time, some people who will not be named, wanted to go shallow.

Then we went shallow inside the reef to some nice rocks they were covered in fish. Primarily groupers. Jon Paul shot a nice mutton that was probably around 12#, Stoner shot a couple smaller muttons and some hogs. I shot a couple hogs and a big porgy. Julian’s ear was bothering him from diving deep so he sat it out. We drifted around on the live bottom inside the reef and just saw grouper after grouper, and tons of baby hogs but not much else.

The water wasn’t really clear anywhere but the lack of current made it really fun to dive on the wreck. Wondering if this light current will be around once the wind stops again.