My mom’s plane arrived Sunday afternoon. After I picked her up we hung around my house for a while. My house isn’t that great for hanging around- I don’t actually own a couch or have any television, so it’s kind of boring, so we went to the harbor to try to get a tarpon.

We got zero bites in the harbor. This happens once in awhile; usually we jump at least one tarpon but not Sunday We did get to watch the smoke from shapefit studio burning up.

The next day when Catherine got out of work we went out to the reef to swim or fish. The visibility on the reef was crap: 20 feet tops but on the bar was kind of blue with around 50 feet of vis. I marked some bumps and saw some triggers congregating at one spot so I jumped in. On this one rock there were 4-5 mutton snapper, next to the rock on the sand there were 5 or 6 20-30# amberjacks and also mid column there were about 5 triggerfish. Here I am in the water by myself.

The largest mutton was moving away already so I dove down on the medium one and shot him, he tried to take off under a ledge. I went to the surface and called for Catherine to pull the boat around, not wanting to lose the mutton to a hovering barracuda or possible shark. Catherine pulled the boat around but my mom dropped her mask and snorkel over board in the process. I looked for the mask for awhile but couldn’t find it. We shot a couple triggers and I gave my mask to my mom to wear and sat in the boat while we drifted.

Snorkeling in 45-50 feet of water with hazy vis is really not that great, so we switched to hook and lining. We had a east bound current and bluish water, the yellowtails didn’t bite. We pulled a hind and a couple tails and went in.

The next day on Tuesday we decided to go troll for dolphin. We headed out early and ran into a bunch of dolphins mating.

We trolled around in 300-400 feet of water for a few hours burning gas. We saw not one bird nor one fish and felt like we were being scorched by the sun. This is reminded me I hate trolling for dolphin.

We headed into the reef and did some snorkeling in the sanctuaries, Catherine took underwater pictures and my mom and I just swam around. The vis sucked 20 feet and green. Catherine’s pics came out pretty good despite the vis. When you are close and in shallow water it helps a lot. She got photos of a spotted eagle ray and the usual reef fish.

Once we cooled off we headed back out to fish on the reef. My mom caught a barracuda, and then a 28 inch mutton snapper. Once we cooked in the sun for bit we jumped back in on the main reef and I was hoping to shoot some fish but the vis had gone from bad to worse so we just came in.