Went out yesterday with Catherine. Conditions where awesome, well awesome once we drove for awhile. When we first headed out it was overcast and the vis on the main reef looked terrible, so we went to the bar and it sucked too. So we drove south until we hit the blue water which was in 110 fsw and then followed the line of blue water west, once we got west of western dry rocks the combination of the blue water pushing in and the reef pushing out finally came together When we jumped in it was 65 feet of hazy blue water. First drift we saw about a dozen trigger fish, not the shootable kind, the small iridescent blue kind. I have never seen them in any number before, although its pretty common to see one or two of them on the reef. We also saw some little ciro mackerel. The next drift I noticed it was getting clearer as I headed west, so we drove a mile or so west and jumped in. It was crystal clear, the depth finder was saying 50 feet but it looked like 20 feet. I would estimate the visibility was pushing 100 feet. We drifted over a dead zone for awhile, and I could see large groups of fish ahead.

We drifted over a bunch rocks and large ledges, there where large groups of big yellow jacks cruising the bottom. There were big school of chubs and schools of permit. Also lots of large mangrove snappers. Personally I don’t like to eat mangrove snappers, and the permits were illegal to spear so even though there was a ton of fish there wasn’t a lot I wanted or could shoot. I dove down and blew a couple shots on triggers, there was 1-1.3 knot east bound current and a light wind from the south east, so it was pretty easy to get far from the boat, and swimming west following a fish was impossible for any distance.

Once we cleared that group of rocks, we were drifting over a nice ledge and in the distance I saw a couple of huge sharks following the ledge the other way as we came closer the 2 sharks started up of the bottom and swam straight for us. It was two hammerheads, one was around 12 feet long and she had a boyfriend that looked around 10 feet. Catherine and I jumped back in the boat , would have been good to get picture but oh well. I know statistically the odds of being bitten by a shark while diving are next to zero and the odds of hammerhead biting even less, but something about that huge head.

We drifted more, we marked a nice SUV sized rock in the sand and Catherine shot a triggerfish off it. I shot a decent black but he tore off. We marked some other really nice rock formations but similar to the others they were covered in yellow jacks and mangroves. I shot one jack and he pulled my boat bumper float under, it was kind of a rush watching that float compress and head down 20-30 feet. I think the air pressure is low in it, going to switch to foam float just need to get some big swivels the long line clips will fit in. Got a shot at a big black, at least big for me. I think it was pushing 30#s , I thought it was a jewfish when I first saw it. I missed but I got the coordinates of his house. Saw some other sharks, small bull sharks and some type of long thin shark. Also marked some deeper rocks with huge jacks hanging out over them.

We ended up shooting cero mackerel, triggerfish, yellow jack, and seeing some truly awesome stuff.