Went out with Brian from Delaware on Sunday and Monday We planned on going out on Sunday but when we went out the conditions where so crappy we came back in and planned to try again the next day. It was freaking dark out, all morning . Of course it cleared in the afternoon.

The vis was 30 feet tops on Monday but dropped below 20 pretty quickly as the tide went out. When does the beautiful summer vis get here? We shot a couple yellow jacks but that was it.  Saw two spooky grouper and couple triggers but that was all. Had a frisky nurse shark try to tax us when there was nothing to tax, a quick poke in the nose with my spear gun sent him on his way, for a little while.

We went out a bit further and the blue water was there , right on the deep side of the bar. I think if we had been out there right on high tide we could have caught some decent vis on the bar. I don’t think getting up early to catch the high tide is worth it, the angle of the sun isn’t good.