Did some hook and lining with mom on Wednesday afternoon current sucked . So we took advantage and just drifted pinfish. I don’t know as many good fishing spots around key west as key largo, and I am reminded of this whenever hook and line fishing. We caught dog snapper, hinds, nassau grouper, barracuda and small sharks. Wasn’t a bad afternoon on the water but not tremendous for fishing.

Thursday we ran to the Marquesas Keys to hopefully fill up on yellowtails. It looked perfect for yellowtailing, green dirty water a nice slow to the west current. We got anchored in this one spot I know in about 70 feet of water, got the chum slick going and started hooking fish. First a trigger then a yellowtail, then something stole the next fish, and the next fish, and the next fish. I put a big chunk of barracuda out on wire to see if I could hook what I assumed was a shark or cuda and nothing happened. Then we see the dolphins, not mahi mahi, the flipper kind. There was six or eight of them circling our boat and stealing our fish. Now with a shark of cuda , they will be nuisance but you can still get fish past them or hook them on a wire, but with these dolphin they took everything. Catherine actually had a small one on the line for minute there was no mistake on who was stealing the fish.

I pulled the chum in and waited for awhile, they didn’t leave so we moved. We checked out this spot George Clark gave us from when he used to commercially yellowtail out here. Looked like really good bottom but it was only in 50 feet of water, I think maybe the water was just too warm for that shallow of spot. We caught a few yellowtails, ciro mackerel and even had a school of short mahi mahi behind the boat for minute. Which my mom thought was great, we caught and released a few of them. I could see as the tide was coming in that the water was getting a bit clearer and blue, not the best conditions for yellow tailing but good for spear fishing. We ran back to the original spot and chummed heavy, hooked a couple tails and a trigger fish but we couldn’t get the bite going again.

So finally we jumped in the water and I was able to shoot some fish. I was only in the water an hour or so, due the wind suddenly picking up to 17 knots. I marked some sick rocks, that where covered with thousands of spawning mangrove snapper. I shot a big yellow jack and a big ciro mackerel. I also saw schools of baby amberjacks, giant barracuda ( I mean super massive). I didn’t really see any prestigious fish on the rocks, and these rocks looked like grouper heaven, they were shallow in only 30-35 feet so the warm water had probably pushed the grouper and snapper out deeper. Definitely have to hit them in the winter.