Went out yesterday with Catherine, didn’t really need any fish so I left my gun in the boat. I took some pictures and Catherine practiced free diving onto the schools of spawning mangroves. She is excited to be able to hunt the fish in 40 feet of water now, as was I a little bit ago. She is at the level now where her depths will increase rapidly, I think. I think such a big part of free diving is just mental, I went for being happy with shooting stuff on the bottom in 35 feet, to shooting at stuff at 60-70 feet pretty quickly. I don’t think there was a major physiological change in my body. I just relax more, and the good visibility helps.

The winds were light, like 7-10 knots, visibility was 60-80 feet but was decreasing with the tide going out. We missed high tide by few hours. I think the vis on high tide was probably kick ass. This weekend should be great, I just got to eat some of this fish from last weekend.

I really didn’t see any fish worth shooting anyway, one small mutton and a couple YJs. It appears that you have to be deeper or on some serious structure for any desirable fish. We did mark a nice ledge, it just had little fish on it, but in winter it will probably be good.

We found a deserted gill net out on reef. These nets are illegal in state waters, not sure of their legality in federal waters. . not sure what we should do with it. If we should have cut it free, it was balled up in two large balls, so it is probably not catching anything any more. The people who made it used what looked like detergent bottles as floats. There was a large sheet attached to the ropes ahead of it. Perhaps as some sort of fish attractant while the net drifts.

It was in 60 feet of water and huge schools of small bar jacks where already using it as a base.