Beautiful day yesterday, Cal, Brad , Catherine and I went out. It was flat calm most of the day with less than 10 knots of wind. The plan was to run west but once we got out near Boca Grande the vis on the main reef was less the 20 feet so didn’t go any further. In the deeper water the vis was a hazy 50 feet.

Water was hot, and fish where scarce, did a lot of drifting in around 50 feet. Didn’t see much, picked up a barely legal black off some rocks.

Ended up breaking down and killing some yellow jacks. I just have a hard time shooting little fish, and personally I like Yjs to eat more then snappers, anyway.

Final tally was Yellow Jacks, Black grouper, triggerfish , one barely legal mutton and Cal got a nice permit. Shot one jack off a school following a reef shark. Pretty cool swimming down following the school with the shark leading the way.

Jellyfish everywhere, got stings all over face and neck.