Went out yesterday with Brian and Catherine. It nice at first , 10-12 knot wind 40-50 feet of visibility on the main reef. We hit some rocks in front of Key West.

We shot some hogs and some mangroves didn’t see much else we were only in 25 feet of water and it was kind of dead on the bigger fish.

After we had been out there a bit the wind suddenly kicked up for about 20 knots, its sucked. We cut it short and the ride home was terrible. Oh well.

Shot the Rabitech with the 20mm band and 7mm shaft, it shot well. Not sure if I should just stick with this or try to get more used to the 7.5mm shaft with the 2 16mm bands. I think the single band is a bit more accurate but pretty sure I am getting a lot more force on the end of shooting line with the big shaft and the 2 bands.