Went out in front of Key West with Catherine , the conditions were awesome, around 100 feet of visibility all day. A 1 knot or so west or northwest bound current and flat calm seas.

The only thing that took away from the day was I re-rigged my Rabitech gun, with a lighter shaft and I couldn’t hit a fish with it. The lighter shaft made the shaft shoot high, and I over shot a bunch of fish, and also had a grouper tear off because the shot was too high.

I put the 7.5 mm shaft back on the gun and it seemed to shoot much better, I know I miss a lot of fish because of just lack of skill etc but this got ridiculous. I was pretty much almost touching fish with the shaft and still missing.

I am going to try on last experiment, using the 7mm shaft with the single 20mm band and see how that is. I will probably stick with stock configuration.

We drifted most of the day in 40-80 feet of water. Shot some triggers and missed mutton after mutton on the bottom. Conditions were so good though even missing fish was fun.

First spot we anchored in 20 feet of water and swam until the current smoked us out. I saw a nice black free swimming like 10 feet off the bottom, but in 100 feet of vis he saw me coming and was gone. Shot a smaller black but it tore off. Saw some yellow jacks and mangroves, permit and couple of cero mackerel.

After that we pulled anchor and drifted in the deeper water. first drift we had a swarm of triggers behind the boat. Catherine got some pics, I shot one. We did a bunch of drifts in the deeper water and saw mostly triggers and here and there a mutton snapper on the bottom. One spot there was some schools of 20-30 cero mackerel. I saw two big kingfish but couldn’t catch up with them.

Saw zero sharks, maybe because there were no fishing boats chumming around us.