Went out spearfishing on Sunday with Pat , Albie, Gabe and Catherine. The vis had been bad and our neighbors said it was bad on Saturday, but when we got out to the reef we got 35-50 feet of vis, it was a bit chalky but blue.

We warmed up on a little ledge in 25 feet or so, Pat picked up a decent yellow jack and Albie got a nice dog snapper from inside a little cave. Then we went out and hit the bar, we drifted around there was almost no current or wind, it was great conditions. Since we didn’t head out until 1 pm or so we didn’t run that far west. Probably should have to get the most out of the conditions.

We shot dog snapper, yellow jack, triggerfish cero mackerels, and hogfish. At one spot there was pretty much all you can shoot triggerfish. Once the sun started to set we came in shallow and looked for lobster, we got a lot of shorts and couple legals. Everyone had a blast and it was a good day on the water.