Mike and I went out for a half day yesterday and it was terrible. The forecast of around 15 knot winds was wrong-it was blowing 20 knots or above all day. Visibility was doable, 20 feet in 30 feet of water, around 40-45 feet in 50-55 feet of water.  Just enough current to the west to make anchoring and chumming a pain in the ass.

We didn’t take any fish, odd I know. We saw a bunch of the less desirable fish, amberjack, yellowjack, trigger fish, mangroves etc. Only saw one legal black, and it out smarted me. I still have a ton of cubera snapper in the fridge that needs to be eaten, so not that pressing to kill stuff.

There were boats full of scuba divers all over my spots closer to Key West, everyone spearing the Key West Open I assume. The big hammerhead I saw the other day is still hanging around at the same spot.

My new Cressi matrix mask worked great, it’s funny it doesn’t feel like it sucks on to my face like the Atomic frameless but there was no leakage. Only tested it diving to 50 feet though.