Grouper opened a couple weeks ago and we have been diving a bit , we had a couple good trips out of maybe 5 trips. We got blown out one day and came home early which almost never happens.  We had couple visitors down the last couple weeks Bill from San Diego dove with us .  Also Stoker from West Palm dove with us.

I didn’t bring my camera most days so I don’t really have much for photos. Catherine had a day off that corresponded with calm day and she made out with us but the fishing and the vis wasn’t that great.

We did have one pretty awesome day that I wished I had a camera for ,  we had anchored in like 60 feet of water and put out a great chum slick and had a ton of fish come in along with a pretty goof sized hammer head. I actually watched a black steal a piece of chum from the hammer head and the went down and wacked him practically under the hammerhead.  Niko also practically rode the shark while shooting big mangroves that were going nuts in the chum slick. Kinda wish I had brought the camera for that.

Also dove a half day and wacked a bunch of monster triggers and a few grouper.  I think that was yesterday or the day before.

Days kind of blend together when you don’t have a job.  You might notice that I switched the actual domain of this site from .com to .net .  There is a reason for it but its a long and boring story , just update you bookmarks etc.  I am going to  try to bust the camera out next calm spell and see if I can get some decent photos.