Back in Key West, just got home and I talked to our friend Jason, he was shooting a tournament and didn’t have a boat for the second day. At first I wasn’t going to go but Catherine convinced me and what the heck calm seas. People had said the visibility was bad but it wasn’t where we were. We had over 50 feet pretty much the whole time. We went out to the bar to try and shoot some jacks or a mackerel. The mangroves were spawning which is pretty cool. I don’t like to eat them, so it’s more of just a scenic thing.

Our first drop Jason picked up a 15# king fish and then a horse eye jack. A bit later I hit a 20# king fish. Both were in around 50 feet of water, Jason’s was mid column and mine was about 10 feet off the bottom. It was a short day and we came in around 2 pm.

Jason got his fish for the tournament and actually got third place. It was a really small tournament and free diving only. I think I would have entered it if I wasn’t away for one of the days it took place.

Also kneeled on fire coral which went right through my lyrca suit, like it wasn’t there.