Well still in La Paz and I am going to try to write a report while it’s fresh in my mind. The fishing this trip has been tough, it’s been windy a lot in the first week and a half here so I have only gone fishing a few times.  To top that off I have been sick and unable to equalize. Cat and I went and did some other stuff which was pretty fun but no fish where shot in the process.

Anyways we did a bust trip to the Pacific with Captian Gordo. I shot one 40# grouper which I did not take a photo of because it was so small. We got a couple other fish but over all it was a bust. I saw one decent grouper on my first dive and I totally flailed.

Finally yesterday I got out in La Paz and was feeling good. After a couple dives I could equalize fine and it appeared to be a great day. I was doing minute and half dives to 60-70 feet. My body felt great I was going to have a great day. I shot three cabr.lla right off the bat, one was over 20#. There were grouper all over the place some probably close to 30# which is big for that type of grouper.

Then we moved on to the deeper stuff for the pargo and the pargo proceeded to totally KICK MY ASS.

First off they are spooky as hell, if they see you swimming they bolt into the rocks. Garett and I had been taking turns stalking them off the drop off and had failed repeatedly. Finally I got a shot on one. I had crawled down the rocks watching the one that that was 35-40# hanging mid column about 40 feet down. I waited foverever at about 50 feet actually underneath it. At about two minutes into the dive it swam towards me and I shot it but I did not have air to fight it. It took my shaft, slip tip about twenty feet into a cave never to be seen again.

Then Patrick took us to an even deeper spot and it was loaded with pargos and after dozens of seventy foot dives I had got nothing. I just could not get a good shot on one of the big fish. I would hit bottom and wait and have 3 or 4 20# fish swim over and around me but the 40#ers stayed too far away.  I even saw a couple of fish that were proably over 60# in the distance.

Then while laying on a rock at around 75 feet I had a small one stick his head out next to me, so I shot him. I was using Dan’s gun which had a double wrap and in the time it took to pull in the mono this little fish pulled the shaft way the hell up into a rock. I ended up getting the fish but left the shaft.

Then we dove the ferry which was actually a pretty awesome dive. There was a million small fish on it from dozens of species and numerous turtles. I shot a giant rainbow runner and Garett shot a another nice grouper, after that we went in.

Then to top off my good luck I decided to stay home the next day to rest and let my luck change and Danny and Garett went out and had the best day of the trip, shooting wahoos and sailfish.