Getting a bit behind in reports again. I am finding a definite link between getting much better fish and vis when I leave the camera behind.

Anyways got a few photos with the camera one day out with Garrett and Stoner. We had gone out for a half day looking for yellow jacks and African Pompano.  I brought the camera so of course we couldn’t find the fish. We ended up diving in hawks channel and finding the mother lode of cero mackerel.  They were stacked up on this area inside the reef we call the cheese because it looks like Swiss cheese. So many holes and caves. Its dirty like 95% of the time so I don’t dive it much, there is usually a lot of grouper in there.

I like shooting cero mackerel, actually I just like shooting mackerel in general. This was awesome. I know most people aren’t to into shooting “trash fish” like ceros and triggers but I will tear them up.  We got into and it was shoot , gut , reload and shoot the next one that was eating the guts of the first one.  I like that style of shooting at least sometimes.

That was kind of memorable and reminded me a another day of diving I had with Albie and Pat a couple years a ago. I had report of that day here.

Yesterday I shot my first black fin tuna with my little 110 cm and reel, pretty awesome. This guy Branson from Jupiter was out with us and he was raining down dead pilchards from the boat. I did a dive down to around 40 feet and this wall of tuna swam up to me. At first I thought they were bonitos but then I realized they weren’t, so I lined up on them and they swam out a little bit. But I just held still and they came back in , there was one in the group that was over 20 pounds but I just took the shot on the nearest one.

Ja got a photo with his camera, also Niko shot a small wahoo, not sure if he got a photo or not. I’ll see if I can one if there is one.

That same day on another drift Niko was driving and throwing fish carcasses because we ran out of pilchards. I jumped in and there was small shark shaking its head with a yj carcass in it.  I watched Branson dive on some silhouettes deep, and after a second I went down to see . It was a wall of black fins , like literally hundreds of fish swam under us. It had to be one of the more awesome things I have ever seen. Everyone shot at them but no one got close enough.