Went out earlier today and was greeted by green milk water coming out of the the northwest channel

Ran a to about a mile or so west of sand key, the vis looked about 10 feet tops, drove out to the 10 fathom bar and the water looked the same

So I turned around and went east, once I got close to that 9 foot stake , the water cleared up to about 30-35 feet. So we anchored and jumped in, since my aimrite broke, I was using a 42 biller. The aimrite 120 cm is like a WMD compared to the 42 biller, …. but hey the biller still works.

First hogfish I break the tip off, which shouldn’t be a big deal because there is an extra one in the boat, except I was cleaning up a shaft that was underwater for a bit, and I took the extra tip out of the boat to see if the threads still work on the recovered shaft.

So pretty much, I snorkeled the rest of the day. Girlfriend practiced with her new gun, got a hogfish, and bounced a shaft of several other fleeing fish. Her gun is way under powered, due to the second band hole on her muzzle being closed, so I can’t just throw a band on there. I either have to tie it on or buy a foo foo omer band with the screw on wishbones . Why are muzzles designed like that? I mean I know I should learn to tie my own bands but even if I could tie bands good, I have to retie to use a different length or width? Doesn’t make sense.

The water started clouding up as soon as the tide changed and it dropped to less the 20 feet of vis afternoon

Well not a great day but still better then working, no real pics except maybe one of bird that was hanging out in the boat.