Went out yesterday in front of Key West spear fishing. Albie, Pat Catherine and Cal came, along with two of Cal’s friends. Pretty much both Cal’s friends were sea sick the whole day. I felt bad sort of but I warned both of them it would be rough and there was a chance of being sea sick, there is not much I can do about it.

The visibility in the shallower water was crappy so we did drifts in 50-60 feet of water most of the afternoon. Towards evening the water had cleared a bit with the high tide so we hit some shallower stuff. It was kind of a replay of the other day, seeing great fish but the current hampering our attempts to capture them. I saw some horse eye jacks that had to be in the 40# range but they where very weary of divers. I ended up shooting a small one to see how they taste.

There were massive schools of bait at a few of the spots, so many little fish it was hard see. Pretty amazing really.

We also found a bucket with triggerfish in it.