Hurricane Gustav just went past, and there are possibly 2 other hurricanes on their way into my area. Although it doesn’t look like we will be hit directly with any of the current storms, we have been having winds up to 40 knots. I really don’t think there will be much spear fishing for awhile, you probably can’t see your hand in front of your face on the reef. Starting to get a bit stir crazy, so I am going to take a break from working and mess with this blog a bit.

Yesterday I got in the mail a bunch of bulk rubber tubing and some wishbones from Above and Below Extreme, in Marathon Florida. They don’t actually have a website, so in order to find out their contact information I had to actually find a post on spear board where they were advertising a tournament to find their phone number. They don’t seem to have their phone number on their myspace page either, so here is their number in case you want to contact them (305) 743-1880.

So anyways I was tying some back up bands for the rabitech and for the biller and I noticed something. When I first started tying the bands, I bought a bunch of black rubber off of ebay and its been sitting in various fishing tackle boxes around my house. Now comparing that black rubber to the black over amber rubber from Above and Below, the Above and Below rubber is visibly thicker in diameter. Now both rubbers are supposed to be 5/8 of inch thick.

What is sort of funny about this, is when I rigged my Rob Allen 130cm gun with two bands of the ebay rubber I followed the band size chart and the gun shot very high. So I went with the single heavy band. It would seem it probably shot high because the bands where too weak, which probably is because of the thinner cheap rubber.

Little details, it never ends.