Well the water around Key West was dirty for weeks, we got a couple days of clean water but you had to run east. I think we caught one nice day of diving out there.  Nothing huge shot but a mixed bag of different reef fish. The patches in Hawk’s channel were clear which was fun for a change. I even saw a couple short Amberjacks in Hawks Channel. The next day Cat tried to go out with us , and the wind switched from 10 knots from the northeast to 17 knots from the southeast and they day totally sucked.

Finally yesterday we got some blueish water around Key West. There are starting to be yellow jacks and amberjacks all over, most of the AJs are short though. We had a notable day because we got 4 dog snapper and saw a bunch of other ones. We catch dog snapper once every handful of trips or so, so its rare to get get 4 in one trip. Last time we saw dogs all over was Febuary 2011, not sure what makes them come out. Also had a small wahoo swim right up to me while I had another fish on, her was only 15# so it wasn’t that big a deal not being able to shoot him.

Also been seeing a lot of small sharp nosed sharks and big cero mackerel. There has been a lot of small king fish swimming around, sometimes in big schools.