Well the visibility has been terrible even though there is almost no winds. There has been a strong southbound current covering everything south and west of Key West. Vis has been less the 15 feet at some spots, less the 25 at others. Not really that fun to dive in once you have become used to clear water. Went out earlier in the week with Cal and Luis and didn’t really catch much. Cal put on a tank and shot a grouper and a mutton, Lou and I shot a couple small fish but nothing to brag about. We drove around all over from the Sambos to Western Dry Rocks and the vis was terrible everywhere.

Then yesterday I went out with Jason, Andy and one of Andy’s friends from the fire department. We went east and found some clear water. We did OK on fish, I got a black grouper and a mutton. Everyone else got red groupers and muttons. It was ok, maybe 35 feet of vis. I also shot a large squid. Which I was pretty excited about. Andy’s friend shot all his fish with a Hawaiian sling. We also found some clear water in really shallow and inshore. Like 20 foot of vis in 10-15 feet of water. We picked up some hogs in the shallows and called it a day.

The mutton spawn is happening right now and we were hoping to dive it, but with less the 20 foot of vis deep diving hasn’t been that appealing. The bad visibility extended out to at least 240 feet of water and probably much further.