Catherine and I went out spear fishing for a half day yesterday. Our neighbors down the canal said the vis wasn’t so great and they where right.  Actually the vis was ok around high tide on the reef 30-40 feet but earlier in the day it didn’t look so hot. We had around 40 on the bar most of the time we where out there.

Haven’t paid to be able to embed the HD video yet, probably will once we have a day with good vis and some action caught on tape.

December 21st spearfishing from Ben Shep on Vimeo.

The high tide was at 4 pm so we waited until around 11am to go out. Probably should have waited till noon or later though.

Catherine and I drifted with flashers most of the day. We didn’t see a lot of fish. Catherine practiced shooting little clips with the new camera. She loves it , it is way less buoyant and has way less drag then the old camera. She couldn’t stop talking about how easier it was dive down and stay down.

On one drift as we were about to head back up current and Kingfish swam in under the boat. I followed him for a bit and he didn’t speed up so I dropped down and shot him. Catherine was in the boat with the camera , of course. He ended up being 20#.

We headed in shallow after that. Catherine and I had both been a little sick the previous couple days and she got beat pretty quickly. We dropped anchor in the shallows and I got a shot on small black grouper but he out smarted me. I tossed in a couple lobster heads and had a ton of little fish come in along with 3-4 legal hogfish. I wasn’t really in the mood to clean little fish, so I held my fire.

It was good short day, only thing bad is that I was freezing. My expensive “toughest” wetsuit is full of holes. The damn thing was crazy expensive and now its looking like it might not make through 2 measly winters of diving. I already had it patched up last season and its full of holes again. Catherine was saying I should just get a 5mm because it will take longer for me to put holes through it.