This past Saturday I went out spear fishing with Mike and Chris form the upper keys. Visibility ranged from a dirty 40 feet down to around 15 feet. In the morning it was dark and raining. It pretty much couldn’t get more depressing.

We ran a little west , but once we saw how the vis was we tried heading offshore. Ironically supposedly if you ran far enough west it cleared up, at least that’s what people are saying. So next time, I’m just going out the lakes passage and if it’s dirty then I will find out when I get out there. Anyways we went a little ways off shore and saw nothing, not a bird, nothing. The few weed patches we found where chock full of man-o-war jellies. They made it look real inviting.

So we ran in, we saw a leatherback turtle on the way in. I hoped that at the high tide there would be some decent water on the bar and I was right. The vis was good enough to make out bottom in 40 feet. So we started drifting, we picked up 2 nice black groupers and some triggerfish. The good vis only last a couple hours and was gone. On the way in we stopped in the shallows and picked up 8 lobsters.