Brad and I went out spear fishing yesterday. First time in  ten days which is kind of a while for me. There is not a whole lot of stuff that interests me on the land. So if there is no fishing I tend to just work and workout a lot, both of which reach a point where you stop making headway if you don’t take a break.

We headed west yesterday and tried to drift over the top of some deep wrecks looking for Wahoo.  We didn’t see any. We did have a school of amberjacks bum rush our flashers. Also some small ciro mackerel and one kingfish followed the flashers too. The water was pretty blue but chalky offshore. After a while we gave up and headed to the reef which looked like crap. So we headed to the bar and the vis was good probably 70-80 feet.

We drifted on the bar, picked up a snapper and black grouper. We saw a lot of blacks and some amberjacks but we didn’t do so hot actually getting them in the boat. The winds where around 15 knots or so which wasn’t that bad but the current was cranking to the west. We tried to anchor and it was impossible to swim against it. So we drifted but with only two people and ripping current, it was sort of difficult.

At high tide we headed in to the main reef, on the high tide there was probably 45 feet of visibility the current was less but the winds had picked up to 17 knots or more. We picked up another grouper, a jack and another snapper. We saw a lot of other good fish but had difficulties communicating with each other so each one could chase their fish.  Towards the end we got our things together but by then the vis had decreased to less then 30 feet.

I brought a new camera out with me to test it and it the whole time when the vis was good and the sun was shining it sat in the boat. By the end of the day once the sun was setting, the vis was going away and I had a leg cramp I busted it out and shot a couple pics and a test video. It kind of shows without Catherine how many UW pics would be on this site

Nothing conclusive, the video looks good for the conditions and the price of the camera, snapshots are still up in the air.

To be fair to the camera the original doesn’t look quite so choppy and messed up in the beginning. Also Catherine is much better at holding the camera still then me. Larger Resolution version on vimeo here