Great November Diving

Some decent weather and decent fish this week. Went out Wednesday with Catherine and Andy, and visibility was pretty good. We dove a lot of shallower stuff due to the ripping current.

Muttons in Hawks Channel

Mutton snappers are here again, we shot 4 or 5 of them. Andy had the biggest one which was probably around 8 pounds. I shot a couple reds and also a few hogfish. Couldn’t really find the black groupers. I was starting to feel like I was getting good there for a bit getting a black every trip for a while, but now it’s been a few times out and I haven’t gotten any.

20101110_2044Conch Gardens filled with hogs

We did some drifts in a grass area I call the conch gardens- there are conchs every where. There are also lots of hogfish and the occasional mutton snapper. I cut up up a small cero mackerel and we watched a jewfish and nurse shark argue over who gets it. We finished up on the bar where Andy shot a big mangrove maybe 5 pounds and both grabbed a trigger fish.

Groupers Showing up

The next day Lou, Catherine and I went out and we did great. Well Lou did great.  Pretty much for every fish I shot he shot one of the same species twice as big. We did some shallow stuff for a bit. There were groupers in shallow water but they were very spooky. We also ran into a nice school of yellow jacks.  We both popped a nice one but staying with the theme of the day Lou’s fish was bigger. 

Catherine followed us on some drifts, I shot a small grouper, small mutton, decent hog. Then Lou did a drift and shot a fat grouper and big mutton. 


Found Some Sick Bottom

We finished the day by going out to the deeper water and we found some stuff. I could not believe how awesome the stuff I found on the drop off was, less then a half mile from spots I have dove a dozens times. A ledge starting at 70 feet quickly coming up to 50 feet with swiss cheese bottom and tons of fish. I was off my game a bit and blew shots on two nice groupers in a short period of time. Lou and I both shot dog snappers, he got another nice mutton and I shot a big yellow jack all in the space of 30 minutes, it was great. After that with the winds picking up and the day getting late we headed in.