Went out to the gulf yesterday and was pretty much skunked. We were looking for cobia and found sheepheads. Lou, Catherine and Rob went with me. We dove some of the gulf patches and other than mangroves and the occasional porgy there was nothing going on. A couple spots had ceros on them but they were not thick and we did not land very many.

We dove the car bodies which pretty much sucked, we also dove two shrimp boat wrecks and also a large barge. All the spots were pretty dead, other then sheepshead. I would have thought similar to the Atlantic side these wrecks would have been covered with grouper (being the season is closed) but they were not. There were a few big mangroves on the wrecks along with some blue runners, big snook, and occasional jewfish.  It was pretty fun diving something different for a change. Catherine took a few photos but with the weak vis she switched to her gun and shot some fish.  She had a great time laying on the wrecks calling unsuspecting sheepshead to their doom.

Cat also got some photos of sea urchins collecting bits of shell on their spines, not really sure what they are doing?