Finally some clear water, blue water has pushed in onto the reef and Catherine and I have gone out in it. Two half day trips this week, once just me and her and one time Andy was able to come with us. All the extra daylight in the summer, allows for leaving at one in the afternoon and still having enough time to get a good swim in.

The issue is the lack of fish, and my lack of ability to shoot the ones I do see. It seems like spearing comes in waves, sometimes you can’t miss and sometimes you can’t even get close. The ripping current on the reef doesn’t help, but there have been a few times it’s been 100% user incompetence. But that’s fishing. Andy on the other hand can’t seem to miss and pulled a nice grouper and other fish out of spots where I saw nothing. On the upside the clear water and ripping current has been great for finding new spots. I have marked 6 or 7 new spots in the past couple days. I get stuck in a rut diving the same thing over and over again, and frankly fish move and some of my spots that are awesome in the winter don’t have any fish on them now.

I spent part of the day drifting in the water 80-120 feet deep with flashers out, and my big gun but nothing showed up. Zero, nada not even some triggers or cero mackerel to practice on. Just 100 foot of vis totally devoid of life.

I have splurged on some new gear. I am one of the cheapest people in the world, and I don’t like to buy stuff usually. It seems like most people like to buy stuff, I am the opposite. When I buy stuff most of the time it just makes me mad that whatever it is doesn’t seem to be worth the money. I often look at things and think “I can’t believe that piece of crap costs that much”.  I also never eat out, because whenever I do I get mad because I always think I am paying way too much for something I could have just made myself.

Anyways after months of diving with cressi fins with cracked blades and ripped foot pockets I bought some new fins. I have been kind of skeptical about the whole fancy fins thing. I find that spearfishing, or any sport whose main participants are young men who tend to have a little bit of money, it’s very easy to pay way too much for gear. I’ve seen the carbon blades, fiberglass blades etc. I was going to just buy a new pair of Cressi HF but they jacked the price on them up to $150, they were $100 when I bought them a couple years ago. So I said what the hell and bought a set of nemo pockets and blades, they cost a bit more but they weren’t crazy expensive. The first set came and they were way too small, even though they were the same size as my cressis. So I sent them back and got one size up.

The next size up fit fine and boy are they great. I can’t really describe the way they feel when I kick but all I can say is it’s better. They just feel better, snappier, I really don’t know how to describe it. I am actually super happy with them. I got medium stiffness, I am dying to try the stiff fins but didn’t want to get stuck with something I couldn’t dive with.

The other purchase was the Olyumpus E-pl1 camera with an underwater housing. It’s not quite our dream camera but since it costs half as much we had to take it. As much as I love our little lumix fx35, it’s a pretty weak little camera. E-pl1 has a huge sensor, shoots in raw, it basically blows away the fx35. The video on e-pl1 is the same size as the lumix, in pixels but the quality blows it away. The videos from the e-pl1 look almost 3d, they look like real HD video. The only issue so far with it is the weak auto focus. The auto focus is not that fast, and seems to only focus on one point instead of multiple points, but hey it’s half the price. Check out these pictures, I don’t think there’s any question about how awesome this camera really is. There is a lens you can get for the camera which is supposed to improve the auto-focus on the videos but its like $700 which is actually more then the camera cost.