Finally after weeks of wind and terrible visibility, we got a calm day with clear blue water. Nate and crew were out and reported the blue water was pushed in to the west. So as soon as possible we loaded up and headed west. Also for once the calm day fell on one of Catherine’s days off, so I pretty much couldn’t ask for better luck.

We loaded up and headed out in Eddie’s boat in the morning. It was Eddie, Catherine, Andy, Dan, Andrew and myself. The plan was to go far west to the tail end. On the way out when we were running past Cosgrove shoal the water looked so clear it almost looked like we were running across air. There had to be over 100 foot of vis on the reef. When we got further west, it came down to maybe 70-80 feet of vis but it was still awesome.

We did very well on fish but no really big fish. The sheer volume of spearable fish was pretty amazing though. There were 2-4# hogfish and grey snappers everywhere. Yellow jacks and amberjacks all over. Groupers were not as thick as we had hoped but we got some anyway. No large groupers though, biggest black was around 15# and largest red grouper was probably around 8#. I saw one grouper around 25# yesterday but saw no really big groupers.

We had a great time and Catherine took a bunch of photos. No sharks or any other big animals spotted out there.