Went out to see the Vandenberg sink with Catherine on Wednesday, it was ok but due to us being on the windward side of the ship, the smoke from the explosions blocked most of the sinking. Also a a-hole driving a sebego parasail boat had to quick move 50 feet forward and get right in front of us as it went down. Like being 50 feet closer really improved the view. I also had a guy almost drive his catamaran into my boat, he was talking to his wife and fiddling with something totally not paying attention to where his boat was going. I guess technically he was coming from the starboard side which would possible give him the right of way, but he was running pretty much along side of me, and if I didn’t suddenly stop and swerve to the side we would have collided. I have pretty much come to the conclusion that a big percentage of boaters are totally idiots and should be avoided as much as possible. Which is part of the beauty of living in the Key West. Drive a few miles west and there is next to no boats, and most you see are professional fisherman, who aren’t just out messing around.

After the sinking Catherine and I went a few miles west and did a drift. There where perfect conditions 60+ feet of visibility and next to no current. We dropped anchor in 50 feet of water and put a block of chum out. Its very rare that conditions are good for chumming. There has to be next to no current for it to be enjoyable to me. Immediately schools of speedos and bar jacks where all around us. There was also a large mutton snapper who took off as soon as I got half way to the bottom. I shot some ciro mackerel and jacks and cut them up and let them sit on the bottom. The big mutton came back and again took off when I started to dive. A few short grouper showed up and more cero mackerel. An amberjack around 25# showed up and I shot him. Most Amberjacks I have shot in the vitals and really didn’t put up much of a fight. This one I hit high in the back and fought like crazy. I was enjoying the fight until a big lemon shark came in, then I got in the boat and pulled the jack out. It was taking forever to fight him in the water and shark would have probably eaten him.

After gutting and bleeding the AJ, the shark was kind of fired up, but since it was staying on the bottom we kept fishing. I saw nice black grouper but lost sight of him. So shot a bar jack and let him run around on my shooting line, immediately the grouper appeared but so did the lemon shark. I was the only one with a gun so the live chumming was kind of pointless. The shark grabbed the jack and a barracuda hit the crimp in my shooting line and cut the line. So then I had to swim down and find my shaft, re-rig my gun and again have no idea where the grouper went.

We played hide and seek with the grouper for awhile longer and then called it a day. Kind of slow day but a good time and an amberjack for the smoker.

I went back the next day to the same spot and took this 21# black off it, not sure if it’s the same one but pretty good either way.