Well finally had my camera woman out on the boat with me this week and although the water was clear had one of the worst days in terms of fish in and long time. We drove all over diving deep and shallow and could not seem to find fish. We were down to shooting porgies and pocket hogs but then a couple huge schools of yellow jacks saved the day.

Catherine had a blast though and since she hasn’t been out in forever that was good. She found a turtle that didn’t appear to be scared of people. Also got photos of Stoners new psychedelic float bungee system he is creating.

I had some really great days of diving this last month with 100+ foot of vis chasing wahoos and other fish out in the blue water. I have shot some really large yellow jacks in the past couple weeks. One was 23# gutted, so it might have been pushing 25# before gutting. Getting really close to the world record there. We have gotten some small african pompanos but nothing huge. We still haven’t gone out to the gulf for cobias, not sure what is holding us back. The long run and chance of dirty water most likely.

I have got a new rear handle reef gun and have gone back to using the float line a lot. Shooting jacks with reel is fun but not that efficient , they tend to have more of chance of rocking up with the reel and also its nice to carry a stringer on the float. Whenever there is more then two or three people on the boat its pain in the ass to get the boat to come to you every time you shoot a fish. The reel is fine if you have a driver who stays right near you, but not as great in other cases. Also having a couple divers in the water without floats is kind of annoying in rough seas.