The next set of fins I tried was the Captain Nemo fins.  This was my first foray into the fiberglass fins which are supposed to be better than the plastic fins. How the various fins materials transfer energy to the water is kind of unknown to me.

The nemos looked way cooler then the plastic fins and upon first using them, they seemed to kick way better. It just felt like they had more snap then plastic. I was very happy with them at first but then after diving with them a few days I didn’t like them.

Constructed from an advanced Composite Fiber compound Captain Nemo Power Fins provide the freediver with unmatched performance, durability, and power.

Composite Fiber materials are revolutionising fin technology. This modern material is impact resistant, has a high modulus of elasticity, excellent resistance to scratching, superb energy transfer, and unmatched durability.

The problem was the foot pockets. They did not cut up my feet like the riffe pockets but they caused cramping and major discomfort once I had been diving in them for a few hours. Using them multiple days in row was a nightmare, and after a little bit I switched back to my cressi HF.