Finally got out yesterday after like two solid weeks of wind often close to 30 knots. Stoner, Cat and Andy went out with me and it was a bust of a trip but we all needed some water time.

We drove out past the reef and it looked like milk. We just kept driving south until the water turned dark blue out in around 600 hundred feet of water. We found pretty much nothing out there. On onion bag or something that held a little bait. Then we found a bucket which actually had two dolphin on it. The dolphin ran away as soon a I swam up.

After driving around for a few hours out in the blue not seeing anything we convinced ourselves that it might dive-able on the reef some where. It was not, the vis was less then 10 feet everywhere we went.

Cat took some photos so I am able to make this post.

I added facebook comments to the site, the amount of spam I was getting in my comments was getting staggering. Perhaps I should make a facebook page for