Got out the other day with Andy and JP. The wind kind of sucked in the morning but it died down a bit in the afternoon. We went first to check for wahoo but the huge waves made that kind of unpleasant. We gave it a little bit but only saw some bonito and a barracuda.

Then we moved in a bit shallower into around 60 feet of water and started to see triggerfish schools. I shot a few triggers and when I gutted them out, muttons started appearing all over the place. We kept cutting up fish and drifting in 60-75 feet of water and we kept seeing muttons. Both Andy and I shot one over 10# and we also shot some smaller ones. I missed a nice king fish that swam in on my ascent. I tried going back down to him but with my lack of air I rushed the shot.

After a couple drifts we left that area to head further west. At the time I thought this was stupid to leave 75 feet of vis and muttons all over the place to go somewhere else. But it worked out. I was driving the boat when the yelling started. A big ray with 20+ cobia swam in and Andy had shot one. I drove up and grabbed Andy’s fish and threw him another gun. He shot another and started following him, I was parallel to him when I turned to deploy another float line, while my back was turned he cut a hard right and I almost rolled the boat over him.

Then Andy got in the boat and put me and JP in front of the ray. I watched JP shoot one and it looked like he stoned it. I shot mine and half stoned him.

When we got the fish back in the boat it was pandemonium. Fish that appeared dead came back to life and started thrashing around all over.

Funny thing is my gopro was sitting in the boat the whole time. JP had to send me these photos because I also did not bring my camera or camerawoman.