Went out on spearfishing Saturday with Brad, Andrew and Catherine, weather was great, the water visibility on the reef was total crap maybe 10 feet of vis. We headed offshore and there was green water all the way out to 400 fsw. We found a rip there a weed line, jumped in but didn’t see anything. We went out a bit further and it got a bit more blue and hit another weed line found tons of bait fish but the only fish bigger then the bait was a remora. We found a piece of drift wood with baby trigger fish schooling under it .

Then we decided to run out 750 fsw, there we found large patties of Sargassum weed, and huge schools of thousands of bait fish. We drifted with the weeds for awhile. Nothing , not one fish. Catherine took some cool photos, and we drifted around in the blue water .

After that we headed in , with a little hope that maybe on the high tide there would be some visibility on the reef. It was the same as earlier. We hit some rocks shot a few fish in murk. brad scored a big trigger fish that was 10 pounds. I shot a trigger. We saw some small yellow jacks and some mangrove snapper.

Pretty short on fish but we still had a lot of fun.