Well finally back in the water, it’s been a while since I had a report. The cut on my hand got infected and had me out of the water for a bit. No diving and no lifting weights really sucks. Not much to do on this island that interests me outside of the water.  Chasing tourist girls would be fun but since I have a girlfriend that is eliminated too. Went out about a week ago with Luis, and the vis was terrible, like less then 20 feet most of the day, maybe less then 15 in some spots. Luis shot an AJ for the smoker but no pictures or anything.

Went out yesterday with Jason, Matt, Nate and Jason JR. We ran way east to see if we could find some clearer water. We found some ok vis, after a while, maybe 30 feet or so. We shot a bunch of reef fish, cero mackerel, hogfish, mangroves (Matt shot a big mangrove), mutton snappers, I got one Black grouper, which was pretty cool because it was the last day of grouper season. Highlight of the day was Jason and I shot some African Pompano. It’s kind of nice when you go east of Key West since the federal waters are closer to shore then they are in front of Key West. So before people send emails telling me I can’t shoot APs, you should know you can spear APs and Permit in federal waters. Those APs really put up a fight and I had to recover mine somewhat from an excited reef shark. When push came to shove the shark backed off.

I’m freezing out there, my oceanos wetsuit lets water run through it like a sieve, it didn’t really fit that great from jump. Not sure why, I measured twice and emailed the builder to get more details on the measurements. The first suit he sent me was so far off in measurements I actually had to ship it back to get another one. I want to be happy with the oceanos wetsuit so bad. I mean it’s a custom suit for less then an off the rack price. Everyone else in the world seems to get one that fits perfect right off the bat, but yet after two tries my suit does not fit. The first suit he sent was over 10-15 centimeters smaller then some of  the measurements I sent him. It was so tight in the chest and stomach, it was hard to breath up in. The beaver tail was also like a thong. Before he sent the next one I added a lot to the length measurements to try to avoid the thong again, and when it came it was like wearing a thong, again. I had to send the top out to seatux to increase the length of the beavertail just to make the top wearable. Sucks, I am going to have to replace the top, in order to be warm enough. I guess on the positive the pants fit perfect. I don’t get it, does a different person do the pants then the tops?