Went out spearfishing yesterday with Brian, who is visiting from Maryland, Mike and Catherine. Conditions where perfect, 40-80 feet of visibility and very little current. The wind barely got above 8 knots and it was sunny all day. Summer is here or at least summer conditions are.

We drifted most of the day except for in the morning we anchored and checked some shallow rocks. The rocks were deserted of fish, except for mangroves. Mike shot a nice yellow jack though.  We then headed out deeper and drifted in 50-60 feet of water. Mike seemed to see more fish then me. I saw some short groupers but not much else. Mike shot a hogfish, and a sashimi sized jack, Brian got a triggerfish.

We then headed west and kept drifting around the same depth  40-60. I saw a large Amberjack but couldn’t get him, also a large king mackerel. We saw schools of permit the size of a house, literally hundreds of fish in a giant ball. Pretty amazing. I shot an Amberjack, Brian shot a yellow jack and then Mike saw a hammerhead, a smaller one around 8 feet long.  Then we saw a large sawfish with a cobia swimming along with it. Catherine saw it first and yelled to us, I swam as fast as I could but it was swimming away quickly and was gone. Then after that Catherine yelled that there was a king mackerel coming, I saw it, swam down and stoned it. It was 37# by far the largest mackerel I have shot so far.

We drifted more and Mike shot a big mangrove. Then we headed in shallower to do a quick look around for grouper and saw none. I shot a little mutton and we headed in.

Another picture of the Mackerel

I’m going to start sticking all the photos from a trip in one post because, when I add photos to the monthly gallery no one goes back and sees them