Been out a couple times this past week. Once with Jason, Andy and Catherine and another time with just me and Catherine. Vis has been pretty good, but there has been a strong west bound current. No really big fish or anything too out of the ordinary happened. Andy and I ganged up on a 20# Black grouper; I shot it once and it ran out the backside of a hole, and tore off. Andy got the finishing shot on him in a crevice a little bit away. Starting to see larger grouper back on the reef but other then that one haven’t landed any.

Starting to see more yellow jacks again, there are still a lot of mangroves out there, but how many mangroves can you shoot. Andy shot a 7# mangrove, which is big for here. I had a little reef shark steal a fish pretty much out of my hand. I kind of feel bad for him, someone will probably end up powerheading him if he keeps pulling stunts like that.

Today Cat and I went out hoping to do some freediving on the wrecks but the current was ripping. Vis was good, between 30-60 feet we got some fish but also got stung all over by jellyfish.